A Fresh Start

Hello! I started this blog in February of 2022 as a way to express my creative side. I took almost a two-year hiatus, but I’m back baby! 💪 I can’t really say what caused the disconnect, but let’s just attribute it to “LIFE”. I’m pretty sure we’ve all been there at one point or another… I got some fantastic behind the scenes help, and that has really revitalized me. It feels good to be sharing again. Thanks for coming along for the ride. 🥰

Someone else in my life has also taken steps to make a fresh start, and I have decided to make a necklace to celebrate her journey. Her Mom is a very dear friend, and the necklace will be for her. I want to use her daughter’s birthstone (Amethyst) as a touchstone, and bring in the other member’s of the family to show that they are all together to support her.

Birthstone beads for a necklace
A Family of Beads

Their birthdays are in January (Garnet), February (Amethyst), two in March (Aquamarine), and August (Peridot). I have an Amethyst heart, as I mentioned, and have the other birthstones represented by beads as well. I have a vision in my mind’s eye as to how it will come together, but these projects sometimes take on a life of their own as I begin to work. I’m looking forward to seeing and sharing the finished product…

… I played around with the idea of a number of different types of beads and a number of different configurations, but in the end decided to center the heart within the family of beads and use some amethyst chips I had to add more purple power. I hope she likes it, but more than that, I hope she can draw a sense of strength from it.

Bead necklace with Amethyst heart

Sending love to anyone else out there making a fresh start. 💜


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