Christmas Comes Early… Almost

John and I normally wait until later in the month to decorate, but I really wanted Christmas to come early this year. Real or faux, old or new, I love it all! πŸ’œ

Unfortunately, I made those plans right before John and I got sick with a respiratory virus. Christmas came in stages depending on what we could manage… and finally, the tree got put up and decorated.

Christmas Comes Early Chester, CT

I come by my love of Christmas honestly. My parents always managed to make Christmas magical. From picking out the tree at the local lot, to decorating (one strand of tinsel at a time 😜), to gifts that seemed to fill the room. Some of my happiest memories come from that special feeling that was evoked during the holidays.

Christmas Comes Early Chester, CT

John and I carried on the tradition with our own kids when they were growing up, with the only differences being that we chose our tree from the tree farm and decorating no longer included tinsel. πŸ˜… We definitely tried to keep that magical feeling in the air as long as possible. 😊

Christmas comes early for our children

This year I guess I was craving a little of that magic for myself, so we agreed that the decorations would come down from the attic and the tree would come home early. Wishful thinking as it turned out. 😭

Some of our decorations were still in storage last year, so putting them out again was like a reunion with old friends. I love seeing the ornaments that were gifts from friends and family, especially the homemade variety… when they come out of the boxes and go up on the tree, it’s like being with them and having them around us during the holidays.

Christmas Comes Early Chester, CT

I guess I have never outgrown the magic of Christmas and I’m so glad we were able to have Christmas come early this year, at least in spirit… We can always try again next year. πŸ₯°

Christmas Comes Early Chester, CT

What about you? Do you decorate the day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, or sometime in between? How ever you celebrate, I wish you all the happiest of holiday seasons.


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