Did I Mention We Were Downsizing???

Updated 10-26-23

I think the start of every post for the foreseeable future could begin with *Did I Mention We Were Downsizing* 🤪

It has been less than a week! and the clutter is definitely getting to me. Have I also mentioned that I can ignore clutter when it’s my own, but not when it’s generated by someone or something else (in this case our home)??? If you’re familiar with the Lego Movie then let me just say, “Hi! I am Princess Unikitty, and I welcome you all to Cloud Cuckoo Land!”

Closeup of Unikitty's face

We live in a 1500 sqft two bedroom side hall colonial built in 1868. We came from a 4000 sqft four bedroom traditional colonial built in 1999 that also had a finished basement, a bonus room over the garage, and a full attic. Thankfully, my daughter, Alyssa, and her family are able to give some of our furniture a new home, but we are left with three sofas, a sleeper sectional, a recliner, and four upholstered chairs that all need to find a place (ha!) in our new home. I might add, ha ha! I may have also neglected to mention that a baby grand piano is also due to be delivered to be placed in this same room. Calgon, take me away!

Too much furniture for one room

This is the part where John and I need to have a meeting of the minds and determine what can reasonably fit within our new square footage and our new lifestyle… somehow a much more difficult process than I had anticipated. I know we will get there in time… but in the meanwhile, we will continue winding our way through the maze of furniture that is our (future) music room. 😆

Thoughts and prayers appreciated.


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