Emptying a Storage Unit… or, I Think We’ll Need Another Dumpster

Our moving date was fast approaching

Things to move included:

  • All the things we were living with at our rental home, which I should add was larger than our new home
  • All the things in our personal storage unit (10’x30′)
  • All the things in our mover’s storage (which included a baby grand piano 😳)

You can see what we were up against!

Person under a pile of boxes

Each time we have moved in the past we have gotten a mover and a dumpster. There are things that you would *never part with* and then there are the things that you find you have held onto, that you really don’t need, and wonder about the rationale for keeping in the first place. 

Things in the latter category can be:

  • Given to your children… “Gee, thanks Mom.”😜
  • Donated
  • Thrown away

Hence, the dumpster. 

John and I are of differing minds when it comes to which of the above categories our things fall into. I am a big believer in *keep it all* and he is a big believer in *get rid of it all.* Over the years we have both mellowed somewhat… but we can still be pretty opinionated. 🗣

Enter, the personal storage unit. The storage unit itself was a concession to the fact that we really didn’t know what size of house we would land in (we know that now… all 1500 square feet of it) and so the proviso was that we would keep it until we could evaluate whether these things would be a good fit in our “forever home.”

Bright orange flames
John’s Hopes and Dreams for the Contents of the Storage Unit

Now, the differing approaches to *things* aside, my difficulty is that I really need to see each thing in the space in order to determine its fate. Whether or not it will be a good fit, serve a purpose, or simply *spark joy.* John being who he is does not understand this approach, and quite frankly, loathes it, it does not spark joy. 😆

Although I am still firmly in the *keep it all* camp, I can definitely feel another dumpster in our future. Who’s with me? I would greatly appreciate good thoughts for me, for John, and for our things. 🤣😇


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