Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Me, But Were Afraid to Ask #2

Updated 10-27-23

I love rocks! 

Assorted rocks in a round crock

I have loved rocks ever since I was a kid. In unpacking some things saved from my childhood, I came across a rock collection in a shoebox.  I had gathered them in the woods behind our house. Each one was identified and labeled. 😅

As an adult, I gathered rocks once again from the woods behind our house. As John would unhappily attest, these will *not* fit into a shoe box. Many of them are actually quite a bit larger than a shoebox, and considerably heavier. 😆

We have moved a few times since then, and yes, the rocks moved with us each time. My two sons and their friends who moved the rocks for us think I’m crazy (and John knows for sure 😜), but there is something inherently beautiful in the shapes and types of stones that I have collected. 

I have been known to bring rocks home from our vacations, that pushed my suitcase over the accepted weight limit. Not to mention that whenever John and I are out walking, my eyes are naturally drawn to beautiful rocks. He has been known to give me a stern look and drag me away before I can dig them up. 

P.S. My younger son is now a geologist. I like to think I had a hand in that. 😄

Any other rock lovers out there??? Let me know I’m not alone…


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