It All Started with the Dishwasher… The Final Part of the Trilogy: The Mighty, Mighty Board

The Mighty, Mighty Board

Well you may not believe it, but you may have been expecting it… the mighty, mighty board was a bust! 😭 That’s right! The trend begun in Part One and Part Deux has continued…

At this point, the appliance repair technician was, I think, trying to tell us that our best option was to buy a new dishwasher (*not* the same make that we have now, which he assures us is breakdown prone). *But*, he said, that *but*… giving us hope… it *could* be one other issue… gluttons for punishment, we decided to wait another week (!!) with bated breath and fingers crossed once more… I am hanging on for dear life. I know, I know, first world problems, but the suspense is killing me. πŸ˜–

Is a New Dishwasher in our Future?

Our hero returns with the Wash Motor, our final hope for the resolution of this ongoing problem that doesn’t end with the purchase of a new dishwasher… The guts of the dishwasher become exposed once more. And once more we are holding our breath awaiting the outcome, which will either grant our final wish to the appliance genie, or dash our hopes on the rocks once again.

Dishwasher Controls

Wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles… it is fixed!!! If I weren’t a married woman, I would propose to the appliance technician on the spot (sorry, John) πŸ˜† As alluded to earlier, plenty of people lead very full lives that do not include dishwashers… but I am grateful to no longer be one of them! πŸ’œ The first item on my agenda is to wash every dish, glass, and piece of silverware we own… let’s just say, our dishwashing skills weren’t what they might be. If anyone else is living through trauma such as this, know that my thoughts go with you. πŸ˜…


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