Meet Kendra

Photo of Kendra smiling against a sunny background

Welcome! I’m Kendra. I love being a wife, mom, memme, friend, and orthodontist. I started My Life in Chester in 2022 to give voice to my creative side. 

Outside of my family, I love:

  • music (making and listening)
  • art (collecting and exploring)
  • reading (and apparently writing) 
  • exploring nature 
  • traveling
  • creating jewelry
  • creating smiles
  • creative diy
  • home decor
  • Star Wars (A New Hope forever❤️)
  • and many, many, many black and white films (Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House😍). I can recite many of them word for word, and much to their chagrin, so can John and my kids. 😄

I have been lucky enough to raise our three children in a house that we designed and built. Luckier still to watch them grow into the amazing adults that they are today. And luckiest to be looking forward to spending the rest of my life with my best friend, partner in crime, and travel buddy, John. He also turns a blind eye to the number of times I have watched the Star Wars movies (4-9 only, please), as well as those aforementioned B&W movies. 🤣 He’s a keeper.

John & Kendra in Iceland

Our present journey takes us from that large family home to something smaller that we can settle in and make our own. That is the journey I’m looking forward to sharing with you. That and wherever else our travels take us. 😉


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