New Years Resolutions

Updated 10-25-23

Happy New Year!

A good friend and I were talking about New Years Resolutions recently. She had a really good perspective on them that I wanted to share with you. What if instead of focusing on what we don’t like about ourselves and trying to change it, we celebrated ourselves by setting a goal of doing something nice for ourselves every day. πŸ₯°

Nice Things:

  • Enjoy some time outside: just turn your face up to the sun, take a short walk, or go on a challenging hike
  • Spend time with family: irl if they live close by or on Facetime if they don’t
  • Contact a friend: maybe one who you talk to regularly or maybe a college roommate who you haven’t spoken to since graduation
  • Explore the work of a favorite artist: try to notice details that you may have missed before
  • Listen to a favorite playlist: sing like nobody’s listening
  • Read a book by a favorite author: or listen to one on tape
  • Enjoy a hobby: one you already enjoy or one you’ve always wanted to try
Picture of the sun shining in a blue sky

My List:

  • I try to take advantage of spending time outside whenever possible. I can always step outside for a moment to take a deep breath and get a peek at the sun 😎, we are an easy walk to the village, and we are lucky enough to have access to local trails, land trust property, state parks, and state forests.
  • I have family close and far, so I am able to see them in as little as 30 minutes or four to five hours (if the traffic gods are kind πŸ˜„), but if schedules don’t permit an in person visit, Facetime is the next best thing…
  • I have friends from all different stages of my life that I can reach out to… elementary school, college, book club, tennis, BFFs, and family friends. It is a special feeling to reach out to someone who you don’t see often and be able to pick up right where you left off. πŸ’—
  • Too many artists to mention (although the impressionists are among my favorites)… I have found Instagram to be a great resource. If I can’t get to a museum in person, I can often see their most recent exhibits online. 🎨
  • Musical favorites also come from all phases of my life and include everyone from Beethoven to Joni Mitchell to Billie Eilish, and everyone in between. And yes, singing loud in the car is the best!!! 🎀
  • Too many books, too little time, can’t even… πŸ“š
  • Playing tennis, making jewelry, playing the piano, texting *funny* memes to my kids, finding innocent ways to annoy my husband… did I say that last one out loud πŸ˜† These are a few of my favorite things… 🎡
Stack of books with a cup of tea and macarons

These are gifts I can give myself every single day. It’s a matter of setting the intention to do it. That’s the world I want to create for myself, and in creating it, maybe I improve the lives of those around me as well. πŸ₯°

What will you do for yourself today?


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