Once Upon a Time…

Updated 10-25-23

Once Upon a Time…

Once upon a time there was a family of 5 who lived very happily in a 4 bedroom 4000 sqft home on 4 acres. I like the symmetry of that. (If you read my bio, then you know that I’m an orthodontist, so I come by my love of symmetry naturally. 😉) It was this home that we were lucky enough to design and build, and raise our family in. 

My kids sitting on the stoop of the house we were building in Guilford, CT

As the years passed and the kids moved on, the decision was made to downsize… not always very successfully. Now several homes and two large storage units later, we finally made the plunge into a 1500 sqft home with 2 bedrooms and just under an acre. Thank god it has an attic and a basement. Lol. 😂

Our home in Chester, CT

Come along on this magic carpet ride as I explore what will and will not get to come along with us, in what we vehemently hope will be our final move, as John and I create a new life for ourselves in our new home town. I should add that the reality is that *all* of it is coming along with us… the real question is, what will get to *stay*.

I read something once that said, there are two types of people, those who save everything, and those who save nothing… and they marry each other. This is soooooo true. 🤪 And since I just said it is all coming along, you can probably guess which one I am.

Poor John… but he really should have taken a closer look at the attic of my childhood home if he wanted to be better prepared for what life with me would be like. 🙃 Now I don’t intend to *keep* everything… but because I am a very visual person, I am going to need to see all of it in the space in order to determine what will continue to live with us.

I anticipate that this will be quite a process, and I hope we are still on speaking terms when the dust settles. 😆 Have you successfully downsized? I would love to hear about your process.


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