Our Favorite Spot in Chester

As you know, when we first started exploring the concept of a new home town, John found Chester. We decided that the best way to get to know the town was by visiting. Every weekend we would start out with a long walk and finish with a pizza at Otto. Connor, the manager, Riley, his sister, and Patrick, for whom Patrick’s Big Day Off is named, always made us feel welcome. It became our regular place before we ever moved here. It seemed preordained somehow, as we have both a Connor and a Riley in our family. 😄

John and Kendra outside Otto restaurant

Living here now, and being within walking distance of the village, nothing has changed. Every week we have a standing 💗Date Night💗 at Otto. We walk, and we have a pizza. Simple cheese is my favorite, although I have to admit that the pepperoni is not too shabby. For John, anything goes, although I think he’d say that the meat lover’s is his favorite. I’m sure Connor would like me to mention that there are a lot more than three options 😆, so you can take a peak at the menu here.

So aside from the fabulous people, what makes Otto so fantastic??? The pizza, of course! Made right before your eyes and cooked in a wood fired oven to bubbly perfection. In the warm weather we sit out under the tent and bring Skye (our Boston terrier) along. Not too surprisingly, she is also a big fan of the pizza. When the weather turns colder (as it has now) you can find us inside at the counter in front of the oven… so toasty! 🔥🔥🔥

Do you have a favorite spot where you live? If it’s Otto… we’ll see you there. 😉


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