Room Refresh: Living Room Décor

Updated 10-27-23

I thought it might be fun to look at how our living room came together after we moved in. It was really one of the first rooms to get organized because we needed a place to… live. 😉

First a quick look back at where we started…

Living room with corner fireplace
The Living Room

What to Remove

My first step was to remove the shelves and the curtains. The shelves just aren’t my style and I knew we would need every square inch of available wall space for artwork. I have never been a big fan of curtains. I just love letting in the sunshine too much to have the windows covered.

Start With a Rug and Seating

Decorating this space all began with the rug. I had planned on a different one in here, but it was too large… downsize much? Anyway… this one is a perfect fit and we added the two couches opposite one another for adequate seating and traffic flow.

Oriental rug with dusty pink accents


Next I looked at the pillows. We already had the matching ones that came with the couches, but I wanted to add something new. John pointed out to me that we have an attic full of pillows already, but I didn’t let that stop me. Ha! 😄

First, I got the embroidered navy pillows to bring out the navy accents in the rug. Next, I chose the large dusty rose linen pillows for the same reason. I’m pleased with the way they work together.

Navy blue embroidered pillow and dusty pink linen pillow

Hang the Artwork

I do not typically match art work to room décor, but in this case, I did try to select pieces that were muted in color to keep the calm and quiet vibe going.

Living room artwork
Living room with couch and artwork

What’s Next

Things I still plan to address include:

  • The existing paint color. I had hoped to avoid this, but I’m just not feeling the khaki color now that everything else is in place. (Yes, that is a paint sample above the right side of the mantel.)
  • The fireplace tile surround. Can I just say ugh? As a quick fix, I may start by painting it with plans to replace it in the future. I have a charcoal gray in mind.
  • Add family treasures (still in storage) to the cabinet (not pictured).
  • And yes, take down those curtain rod brackets 😜

Have you refreshed a room recently? What was your inspiration?


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