Room Refresh: Simple First Floor Bath Update

Let me start out by saying that overall there is absolutely nothing wrong with this room… it just needs a little pick-me-up πŸ˜‰

Let’s take a look at where we started…

First floor bath
The First Floor Bath

What to Remove

I think only that tired old shower curtain needs to go.

Start with the Tub

I decided to add a curved curtain rod to make the tub/shower feel a little less claustrophobic. Since I’ve already mentioned that I am not a big fan of curtains on windows, I thought we could be a little *extra* and add two shower curtains to frame the tub. I actually used window curtains for extra length because I wanted to hang them close to the ceiling to give the illusion of more height. Finally, I added a tub caddy with a few items in place to zhuzh the whole thing up.

A view of the tub with curved rod and double curtains

Tub caddy with a bath mat, candle, natural sponge, and flowers in a small vase

Look Around the Room for Other Places that could Use a Refresh

In the photo on the right, our Boston Terrier, Skye, is doing her version of, “Are we there yet?” πŸ˜„

What’s Next
  • The next project for this room will be the addition of a curved wooden backsplash for the sink (just as soon as I get a jigsaw 😜)
  • My dream project for this sink would be to replace it entirely with a little antique table that I drop a sink into
  • I am going to add a beadboard ceiling (like the one in the dining area) as well as adding it to the back of the decorative niches.
  • I have to admit that I’m not a big fan of the green, but since it’s on the walls *and* the floors, I’m working with it, for now…
  • Finally, how did I forget to mention the light fixture over the sink… no photo, but trust me, that’s gotta go

As you can see, although I think this simple update did wonders for this bath, I still have a long list of projects that I would like to do in here.

Wish me luck! Advice welcome 😊


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