Starry Night in Chester

The Starry Night in Chester is just one of the many things that makes life in Chester so special. ⭐ ⭐⭐ The center of the village is where we gather for community activities. Main Street gets shut down, shops and galleries stay open late, live music plays, and it turns into a pedestrian mall where kids of all ages come to enjoy the spectacle.

We don’t have a large tree there for a tree lighting, but one of our local artists, Christopher Owens, makes stars wrapped with white twinkle lights in varying sizes, and works with Caryn Paradis, who designs the layout for the stars everywhere on and around Main Street! They are a sight to behold and really spread the joy of the season.

This is our third year with the stars and last year a Wishing Booth was added. A repurposed British phone box with a phone that can be used to send wishes to Santa, or wherever they may need to go. Just a little more holiday magic for us. 📞

The Wishing Booth Chester, CT 2023

How does your town celebrate the arrival of the holidays? Sending all the best wishes of the season to you, regardless of how you celebrate.


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